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Selecting Natural over Ceramic

Natural is always better There are a few alternatives to choosing natural stones for paving areas inside and outside your home. Some might say that concrete paving is essentially the most practical ...
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Choosing the Right Pavers for Your Pool

While there are many materials to choose from, adding pavers around your swimming pool can be beneficial to both homeowners, and those who are set to enjoy hours of fun splashing around. If ...
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How to Clean Bluestone Pavers

Bluestone pavers are a fantastic addition to any home. Bluestone is a beautiful material to work with. It offers natural variation, subtle elegance and is incredibly versatile. Some of ...
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Where to Use Pavers Around Your Home

Pavers add a distinctive earthy, natural quality and feel to your home and are a popular choice to create a pathway, terrace, feature wall or general flooring. The trick is not only in finding the ...
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Choosing coping pavers for around your pool

Pools of all shapes and sizes are a wonderful addition to your back yard. Deciding on which coping tiles are best for your pool is an important decision. There are many natural stones you can choose ...
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Choosing the right colour for your granite pavers

When it comes to paving, many people prefer granite. One of the reasons is because of the beautiful palette of colours that granite is available in. The colours that Premier Pavers currently has ...
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Installing Travertine Pavers on a Concrete Base

Travertine pavers should laid on a concrete base. Before you lay your travertine pavers: Have the concrete ready first- Sweep off any loose pieces so that the surface is completely smooth. Any mould ...
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Concrete Pavers - DIY Sealing Tips

Concrete pavers add value to your property. Concrete is known for its durability and that makes it an ideal material for patios; however it is very important to seal concrete pavers to ensure its ...
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4 things you should consider when choosing pavers

1. The Look- First things first, do you like the pavers? Take home a sample to see how the paver’s colour blends and/or contrasts with the design and colour of your house. If you don’t ...
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Granite Pavers Maintenance Tips

Granite pavers can be cleaned with warm water and mild detergent without putting in much effort; however, the size of the area and the amount of foot traffic has to be taken into consideration as ...
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Benefits of Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles are the best pick for kitchen flooring on account of many reasons. These tiles are made out of natural stones such as travertine, marble, sandstone, limestone etc. Since these ...
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Laying Concrete Pavers

Here are some useful DIY (do it yourself) tips and tricks of laying concrete pavers that will ensure longevity and sustainability of the property. 1.Detailed Planning- In depth planning will not only ...
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Cleaning and Sealing of Travertine

Before you get down to sealing, it is very important for you to understand the purpose of it. The idea is to prevent it from stains. It is therefore very important to clean it before you seal it. In ...
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How to Clean Marble Floors

Its hard appearance might make you think that it is not prone to harsh treatment and stains which is a myth. Here are some tips for cleaning marble: Always remember that marble is a porous material ...
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Tips to clean concrete pavers

Here are some simple tips to take good care of your concrete pavers. Remove objects from the concrete area Dirt and debris around the concrete edges produces stains and an unsightly appearance to your ...
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Guidelines for laying pavers

Delivery Deliveries to your site incur additional costs which depend on the number of pavers ordered and the distance of your property from our factory. When access permits, we will position the ...
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