We've been nominated for the Green Building Product of the Year Award!

Our permeable pavers have been nominated as part of the Sustainability Awards.

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Concrete Pavers

Our weather-resistant concrete pavers are a perfect fit for any outdoor setup.

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Granite Pavers

Granite's natural beauty goes well with its extreme durability, anti-slip and weather-resistance.

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Travertine - Rustic Elegance

Travertine pavers are suitable for indoors and outdoors, and an ideal fit for any feature wall or floorspace.

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Premier Pavers and Stone Video of the Month

This month's video features our Premier Hydropavers™:

The absorption rate of Premier Hydropavers™ permeable pavers.

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Nic van Diemen presenting Premier Hydropavers™ permeable ceramic pavers.

In this video, Nic van Diemen introduces our new permeable ceramic pavers to Landscaping Victoria Association members.
He discusses the benefits of permeable paving, and the advantages of using Premier Hydropavers™.

Introducing Nic van Diemen - ISSI Fellow in Permeable Paving

How to lay Premier Hydropavers™ permeable ceramic pavers

Everything you need to know about Premier Hydropavers™ permeable ceramic pavers

Permeable paving for Australian conditions

Premier Hydropavers™ - attractive and permeable ceramic pavers

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