• How to Clean Marble Floors

    Its hard appearance might make you think that it is not prone to harsh treatment and stains which is a myth. Here are some tips for cleaning marble:

    1. Always remember that marble is a porous material which makes it more susceptible to stains. Marble should be cleaned as soon as you see the stain otherwise it will become difficult to remove it later. Generally, you can use baking soda and water to remove the stains. Mix baking soda with water to make a think paste, apply it on the stained area and cover it with a plastic sheet for some time. Allow it to be there for 15-20 minutes and then rinse off. Make sure that it is dried properly.
    2. Oil stains can be quite stubborn and might take extra efforts. You must use cornstarch for removing oil stains. Apply cornstarch for one day (24 hrs) so that excess oil can be removed. Now use warm water and dish washing detergent. You can also use bleach, if the stain persists. Rinse it off and repeat the process if required.
    3. Acid based cleaning agents or products should never be used on marble. If you are unsure about how the floor will react to the cleaning agent, go for a small patch test first.

  • Benefits of Bluestone

    Why is Bluestone so popular?
    Bluestone is very popular in landscaping industry widely used for patios, pool sides, garden paths, driveways etc, It adds naturally aesthetic look to your property. Bluestone is a versatile material.

    Let’s take a look at the advantages of Bluestone:-

    • Durability:- Durability is surely the first requirement on your list. That’s why Bluestone must be your pick. Its dense composition and hardness makes it the most durable stone. It can bear extreme weather conditions. Bluestone’s texture adds to its toughness.
    • Safety:- It can be used around the pool due to its non slippery finish. That’s why it is quite safe to apply it in areas where surface is more likely to be wet and slippery. Bluestone naturally rough texture not only makes it safe to be used around pool areas but also long lasting.
    • Easy Installation:- It is very easy to install Bluestone. It is also the flattest of all natural stones, that’s why it is also known as ‘Slate’.
    • Availability in various dimensions:- Bluestone is available in different dimensions and thickness. That’s why it can be used in residential as well as commercial construction work.
    • Wide Range of Colours:- There is a wide range of colours available in the market. You will find colours ranging from blue and grey to yellow, green and even purple. It allows you to pick the colour of your choice according to the colour and design of your house or office.
    • Aesthetic appearance:- Bluestone is known for adding luxurious and aesthetic appeal to your house which makes it unique and popular in the construction industry.
    • Cost effective:- Last but not the least, despite of so many advantages and applications, it is cost effective.

    Things to remember:-

    Bluestone is a fantastic material to be used in any type of construction, yet there are few things that need to be kept in mind while installing it.

    Bluestone is porous which enables it to bear and hold water for a long time; however, if not sealed the appearance will be affected. Sealing the bluestone will prevent it from getting damaged in heavy foot traffic areas, scratches, stains, dirt etc. It is very important to be careful with this while you lay bluestone.

    Make sure that all stains have been removed before it is sealed. Since natural stones do not have a shiny surface, sealer will add shine to it.

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  • Travertine’s Unique Qualities

    Let’s explore travertine’s unique qualities.

    Enhances Beauty:- Travertine enhances the beauty of your floor and gives it an exquisite look. Travertine tiles makes your kitchen look beautiful under spot lights. Travertine tiles can also be used in the garden and it gives it a different and unique look.

    Versatility:- Travertine’s versatility is amazing. It is available in many colours, textures and designs to suit the colour and theme of your house. Travertine is mostly used as a decorative material.

    Cost effective:- Travertine is a material with numerous advantages including cost effectiveness. This is one of those rare materials that can enhance the beauty of your home or office at an affordable price.

    Replacement of tiles:- Replacement of flooring is often an uphill task and more so because of matching tiles that are required. You can take it easy with Travertine because it doesn’t have matching tiles. That gives your home or office a unique look.

    Care of Travertine

    Now when you know a little about Travertine, let’s talk about how to make it last a lifetime.

    Seal your pavers:- Travertine may be prone to damages and if you have children or pets at home, then you need to get your flooring sealed in order to make cleaning easier.

    Clean spills immediately:- You need to be careful with travertine flooring, like any other flooring, as any liquid spilt may leave stains on it if not cleaned immediately. It is acid sensitive so you cannot clean it using cleaners that contain acid otherwise it may damage the stone.

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  • Tips to clean concrete pavers

    Here are some simple tips to take good care of your concrete pavers .

    • Remove objects from the concrete area
    • Dirt and debris around the concrete edges produces stains and an unsightly appearance to your concrete patio. Sweep the area.
    • Pour warm soap water on areas with dirt and stains. Keep brooming to clean obstinate stains. You can leave soap and water there for 2-3 minutes to allow soap to weaken the stains.
    • Now you need your power washer. Bring it to the setting recommended by your service provider and spray on the concrete area.
    • Leave chemical cleaning to the professionals. For regular stain cleaning, you will not need any chemicals, unless there are stubborn oil or grease stains.
    • Before you put the items back on the cleaned area, let it dry for a while.
    • Now, you can seal the area. Sealing the area is very important as it prohibits oil, grease and other undesirable liquids to get into the concrete pores. It increases the life of concrete pavers