Tips to clean concrete pavers

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Here are some simple tips to take good care of your concrete pavers .

  • Remove objects from the concrete area
  • Dirt and debris around the concrete edges produces stains and an unsightly appearance to your concrete patio. Sweep the area.
  • Pour warm soap water on areas with dirt and stains. Keep brooming to clean obstinate stains. You can leave soap and water there for 2-3 minutes to allow soap to weaken the stains.
  • Now you need your power washer. Bring it to the setting recommended by your service provider and spray on the concrete area.
  • Leave chemical cleaning to the professionals. For regular stain cleaning, you will not need any chemicals, unless there are stubborn oil or grease stains.
  • Before you put the items back on the cleaned area, let it dry for a while.
  • Now, you can seal the area. Sealing the area is very important as it prohibits oil, grease and other undesirable liquids to get into the concrete pores. It increases the life of concrete pavers

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