Travertine’s Unique Qualities


Let’s explore travertine’s unique qualities.

Enhances Beauty:- Travertine enhances the beauty of your floor and gives it an exquisite look. Travertine tiles makes your kitchen look beautiful under spot lights. Travertine tiles can also be used in the garden and it gives it a different and unique look.

Versatility:- Travertine’s versatility is amazing. It is available in many colours, textures and designs to suit the colour and theme of your house. Travertine is mostly used as a decorative material.

Cost effective:- Travertine is a material with numerous advantages including cost effectiveness. This is one of those rare materials that can enhance the beauty of your home or office at an affordable price.

Replacement of tiles:- Replacement of flooring is often an uphill task and more so because of matching tiles that are required. You can take it easy with Travertine because it doesn’t have matching tiles. That gives your home or office a unique look.

Care of Travertine

Now when you know a little about Travertine, let’s talk about how to make it last a lifetime.

Seal your pavers:- Travertine may be prone to damages and if you have children or pets at home, then you need to get your flooring sealed in order to make cleaning easier.

Clean spills immediately:- You need to be careful with travertine flooring, like any other flooring, as any liquid spilt may leave stains on it if not cleaned immediately. It is acid sensitive so you cannot clean it using cleaners that contain acid otherwise it may damage the stone.

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