• Premier Granite Pavers: Consistency, Durability, Stability

    Granite is one of the oldest building materials on the planet. Granite is igneous rock, which forms as molten magma cools, making it powerfully strong.

    Premier Pavers and Stone has been importing natural granite pavers in many different colours and sizes for some time now.

    We now have a new granite product – it is also made from natural granite, but instead of being cut from a slab, it is made from granite chips.

    Like concrete pavers have pebbles as an aggregate material, reconstituted granite pavers are handcrafted using the granite chips as their aggregate material.

    These granite chips are present throughout the paver, and are held together with a proprietary binding agent. This makes these reconstituted granite pavers stronger than most other pavers, including concrete pavers and some natural stone pavers.

    At 40mm thick, the strength of reconstituted granite pavers means that they do not have to be laid on a concrete base – you can confidently lay them on a crushed rock and mortar bed base.

    Consider Premier Granite Pavers for your next paving project.

    Available exclusively from Premier Pavers and Stone in Cheltenham, Victoria.

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  • Take a look at our concrete pavers!

    If traditional surfacing materials leave you feeling as flat as poured concrete, consider pavers—concrete pavers. Concrete pavers are a practical and attractive option for your property. And they’re easy to install. With careful preparation and tools available from most hardware stores, you can easily lay your pavers yourself.

    Hand crafted concrete pavers are a magnificent way of adding value to your property.

    Our concrete pavers are created using the wet cast method. The wet concrete mix is coloured with an oxide that penetrates throughout the paver. This helps to maintain the consistency and durability of the paver. We also use top quality additives to reduce the risk of efflorescence.

    We are proud of our pavers, and we look forward to introducing you to our range soon!

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  • Choosing coping pavers for around your pool

    Pools of all shapes and sizes are a wonderful addition to your back yard. Deciding on which coping tiles are best for your pool is an important decision.

    There are many natural stones you can choose from… Granite , Bluestone and Travertine are very popular for pool coping at the moment.


    • Granite’s colour palette includes blacks, greys, whites, and peach. The speckle through granite adds interest and sparkle to your pool surround
    • Bluestone comes in shades ranging from almost blue-black to blue-grey. The ‘aero’ marks in bluestone add to its appeal.
    • Travertine ranges in colour from creams, to browns, to silver. Each piece of travertine is unique, and the patterns created by the variability of colours in the stone results in a visual feast.

    Dropface pavers or bullnose pavers

    • Bullnose pavers have a rounded edge, whereas dropface pavers can have a straight edge or a rounded edge. Depending on the design of your house, you may prefer the more classical look of a rounded edge, or the more modern look of a straight edge.

    Surface finish

    • Granite is available in a flamed surface which is the highest grip available in natural stone finishes.
    • Bluestone is available in a sawn finish, and Travertine is available in a tumbled and unfilled finish. Both of these are smooth surfaces, which are still anti-slip.
    • We do not recommend honed pavers for around swimming pools, as they are very slippery, especially when they are wet.


    • It is vitally important to correctly seal pavers and coping tiles around your pool. This is because natural stone is porous, and over time the salt/chlorine/chemicals used in your pool may negatively affect your pavers if they have not been sealed correctly.
    • Resealing regularly is very important, especially for pavers that are often in contact with the pool water.


    • Granites and Bluestones are cut from rock that has been formed in lava. Due to the heat involved in the formation of these stones, both granite and bluestone are very durable and strong.
    • Travertine is formed through sedimentation. Though it is still a strong stone, it is more fragile that granite and bluestone, and it needs to be treated with more care.


    • Granite and Bluestone will get hotter under foot in summer than Travertine, due to the increased levels of metals and minerals in the composition of these stones.


    • Darker colours will create less glare than lighter coloured stones.

    Choosing coping pavers for around your pool is an important part of creating your perfect outdoor living space. You are welcome to bring in your plans and colour swatches, and we will be happy to help you find the paver that best complements your design and lifestyle.

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  • Bluestone Pavers: Ideal for your home

    When it comes to paving, we all want the best materials at the best price. There are many natural stones that offer great quality, and bluestone is one that can complement almost any design and

    Let’s have a look at some of bluestone’s extraordinary features:

    • Versatility : Bluestone is very strong and can be used for indoor and outdoor flooring, wall cladding, and in areas near swimming pools … bluestone is a perfect choice for your paving.
    • Elegance : Bluestone has colours that range from a dark blue shade that’s nearly black to a lighter blue shade that is almost grey. These colours elegantly blend with the colours of your home and garden.
    • Safety : Bluestone comes in many different surface finishes, including sawn, flamed and bush hammered. Sawn is anti-slip and smooth, whereas flamed bluestone has a rougher surface that has an even higher anti-slip rating.
    • Durability : Last but definitely not the least, bluestone has great durability. It stands the test of time and retains its charming and appealing look. Also, cleaning and maintaining bluestone is easy.

    As you can see, there are a lot of factors that make bluestone one of the most adaptable and durable materials for your home.

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  • The Benefits of Using Bluestone Pavers

    Bluestone is a natural stone with character! It is an ideal stone for paving. For residential or commercial buildings, bluestone pavers are incredibly popular.

    People love bluestone pavers for the outdoors because of their great durability and hard wearing qualities. Bluestone is available in many shapes and sizes. Bluestone is a strong and durable stone which is cost effective and easy to install.

    Sealing Bluestone

    As all natural stone is porous, it may be vulnerable to staining. By using a penetrating sealer, cleaning any spills or stains is made easier.

    Bluestone’s density

    Bluestone has a high density and a natural ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

    Safety Benefits

    Our bluestone has a #400 grit finish, which means its surface is anti-slip. It can be used around pool areas, as well as for any other type of flooring application.

    How can I use bluestone pavers around my home?

    You can use bluestone pavers both indoors and outdoors. However, they make the best choice as outdoor materials. Due to their strength and texture, they are extremely versatile. Think of bluestone for your:

    • Walkways
    • Sidewalks
    • Garden Paths
    • Stepping Stones
    • Feature walls

    Bluestone is an excellent choice!

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  • Marble’s classic appeal

    Growing demand for marble in Melbourne

    There are several reasons that have convinced people to choose marble flooring in their homes and offices. Some of the reasons behind the growing demand for marble in Melbourne are:

    Durability : Known to last for a long period of time, marble is durable.

    Variety : Marble is available in a wide range of colours. This enables you find the right shade of marble to complement the colour scheme you have in mind.

    Easy cleaning : Cleaning marble floors is not difficult. You can easily clean it using a soft mop and water. But keep in mind that marble flooring may stain easily and it does react severely to acids. If it comes in contact with anything staining or acidic, including red wine, vinegar, or orange, lime, lemon or grape juice – clean it immediately.

    Perfect for all rooms : You can easily use marble for your kitchen, bedroom, dining hall, bathroom and other rooms. There are anti- slip varieties of marble flooring available.

    Interior decorators are widely recommending the use of marble in Melbourne for all types of flooring options. Give your home and office a timeless elegance by using the best of marble flooring!

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  • Bluestone Claddings: versatile and durabile

    Transform an ordinary wall into a feature wall!

    There are many different ways you can use bluestone to create a stunning impression on your walls. Here are two options for you to consider:

    • Honed Bluestone

      Most people who pave with bluestone choose aero sawn bluestone. This surface has an anti-slip finish. Honed bluestone has a smoother, more polished surface that is also slightly darker than the aero sawn finish. Honed bluestone is too slippery for outdoor flooring, but it is perfect for feature walls.

      By using honed bluestone on your feature wall, and aero sawn bluestone on your flooring you can create an elegant tone-on-tone effect. You can use pavers of the same or similar dimensions on both the floor and the wall – this will create long lines on your feature wall that draw the eye up and create an illusion of height.

    • Bluestone Stackstone

      Bluestone stackstone has a rougher finish with a slightly more jagged texture that creates a dishevelled look that is still orderly and organised. The smaller sized shapes of stackstone have the effect of keeping the eye lower, reinforcing a sense of being grounded and centred. Bluestone stackstone is a similar colour to aero sawn bluestone, and together they are a juxtaposition of spontaneity and structure.

    Growth of bluestone cladding

    Cladding with bluestone adds to the elegance of your property, enhancing the look and appeal of the traditional and contemporary designs.

    Make a difference in your home or office by choosing bluestone cladding.

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  • Choosing the right colour for your granite pavers

    When it comes to paving, many people prefer granite. One of the reasons is because of the beautiful palette of colours that granite is available in.

    The colours that Premier Pavers currently has available in granite include shades of black, grey, and golden peach. Many more shades, like whites, greens, reds and pinks, can be ordered in. Granite pavers in black and grey are the most popular, but there is a great demand for other colours too. With so many colours available, how do you choose between them?

    • Choosing the granite colour samples

    The very first step in choosing the colour of your granite pavers involves coming in and looking at the display of colours that are available or that can be ordered.

    Consider whether you would like your pavers to blend in with the colour scheme you have already designed, or whether you would like your pavers to contrast with the colours in your home and garden.

    Talk with us about your design, bring in your photos and plans, and we will be happy to offer you our suggestions. We will then offer you a few samples to take home so you can see how they look alongside the other features of the area you will be paving.

    • Checking the colour with a full size paver

    After finalising the colour of your choice, pop back in and borrow a full size paver in the colour you like best. Take it home, and check that both the colour and size of the paver are what you had in mind.

    Granite pavers come in many different colours and by choosing the colour carefully, you can give your project a wonderful look that will last for years to come! Come in and select some samples today!

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  • Choosing pavers is easy!

    Choosing pavers is easy! Let’s compare it with choosing a new paint colour…

    Have you ever repainted? If you have, you’ll find selecting paver colours is similar to choosing a paint colour in many ways.

    1. When choosing a new paint colour, you usually select some colour swatches, and take them home and look at them in the space you wish to paint.
    2. Then you usually decide on one colour, buy a sample pot, and paint a little of a wall, to check that the colour is really the one you like best.
    3. If it is, you would then buy enough paint to do the job.
    4. Often people buy a little extra paint, to ensure that if they need to do touch ups in the future they will have the exact same colour.

    Likewise with pavers, we suggest you:

    Visit our showroom, talk with us about which stones and colours would best suit your design, and take home some samples.

    1. Then, when you have decided on a colour and a size, borrow a full size paver from us.
    2. Once you are sure you have selected the right size and colour, place your order for all the pavers you need for the job. Remember that if the pavers you like best aren’t currently in stock, you may need to allow between 7-12 weeks lead time, as our products are sourced from quality quarries around the world.
    3. We usually suggest you purchase 10% more than your measurements indicate, as this allows for cuts that may need to be made, and also gives you a few spare that can be kept under the house in case you need to replace any pavers in the future.

    Not too difficult at all!

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