Choosing Pavers Is Easy!


Choosing pavers is easy! Let’s compare it with choosing a new paint colour…

Have you ever repainted? If you have, you’ll find selecting paver colours is similar to choosing a paint colour in many ways.

  1. When choosing a new paint colour, you usually select some colour swatches, and take them home and look at them in the space you wish to paint.
  2. Then you usually decide on one colour, buy a sample pot, and paint a little of a wall, to check that the colour is really the one you like best.
  3. If it is, you would then buy enough paint to do the job.
  4. Often people buy a little extra paint, to ensure that if they need to do touch ups in the future they will have the exact same colour.

Likewise with pavers, we suggest you:

Visit our showroom, talk with us about which stones and colours would best suit your design, and take home some samples.

  1. Then, when you have decided on a colour and a size, borrow a full size paver from us.
  2. Once you are sure you have selected the right size and colour, place your order for all the pavers you need for the job. Remember that if the pavers you like best aren’t currently in stock, you may need to allow between 7-12 weeks lead time, as our products are sourced from quality quarries around the world.
  3. We usually suggest you purchase 10% more than your measurements indicate, as this allows for cuts that may need to be made, and also gives you a few spare that can be kept under the house in case you need to replace any pavers in the future.

Not too difficult at all!

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