• Premier Granite Pavers: Consistency, Durability, Stability

    Granite is one of the oldest building materials on the planet. Granite is igneous rock, which forms as molten magma cools, making it powerfully strong.

    Premier Pavers and Stone has been importing natural granite pavers in many different colours and sizes for some time now.

    We now have a new granite product – it is also made from natural granite, but instead of being cut from a slab, it is made from granite chips.

    Like concrete pavers have pebbles as an aggregate material, reconstituted granite pavers are handcrafted using the granite chips as their aggregate material.

    These granite chips are present throughout the paver, and are held together with a proprietary binding agent. This makes these reconstituted granite pavers stronger than most other pavers, including concrete pavers and some natural stone pavers.

    At 40mm thick, the strength of reconstituted granite pavers means that they do not have to be laid on a concrete base – you can confidently lay them on a crushed rock and mortar bed base.

    Consider Premier Granite Pavers for your next paving project.

    Available exclusively from Premier Pavers and Stone in Cheltenham, Victoria.

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  • Choosing coping pavers for around your pool

    Pools of all shapes and sizes are a wonderful addition to your back yard. Deciding on which coping tiles are best for your pool is an important decision.

    There are many natural stones you can choose from… Granite , Bluestone and Travertine are very popular for pool coping at the moment.


    • Granite’s colour palette includes blacks, greys, whites, and peach. The speckle through granite adds interest and sparkle to your pool surround
    • Bluestone comes in shades ranging from almost blue-black to blue-grey. The ‘aero’ marks in bluestone add to its appeal.
    • Travertine ranges in colour from creams, to browns, to silver. Each piece of travertine is unique, and the patterns created by the variability of colours in the stone results in a visual feast.

    Dropface pavers or bullnose pavers

    • Bullnose pavers have a rounded edge, whereas dropface pavers can have a straight edge or a rounded edge. Depending on the design of your house, you may prefer the more classical look of a rounded edge, or the more modern look of a straight edge.

    Surface finish

    • Granite is available in a flamed surface which is the highest grip available in natural stone finishes.
    • Bluestone is available in a sawn finish, and Travertine is available in a tumbled and unfilled finish. Both of these are smooth surfaces, which are still anti-slip.
    • We do not recommend honed pavers for around swimming pools, as they are very slippery, especially when they are wet.


    • It is vitally important to correctly seal pavers and coping tiles around your pool. This is because natural stone is porous, and over time the salt/chlorine/chemicals used in your pool may negatively affect your pavers if they have not been sealed correctly.
    • Resealing regularly is very important, especially for pavers that are often in contact with the pool water.


    • Granites and Bluestones are cut from rock that has been formed in lava. Due to the heat involved in the formation of these stones, both granite and bluestone are very durable and strong.
    • Travertine is formed through sedimentation. Though it is still a strong stone, it is more fragile that granite and bluestone, and it needs to be treated with more care.


    • Granite and Bluestone will get hotter under foot in summer than Travertine, due to the increased levels of metals and minerals in the composition of these stones.


    • Darker colours will create less glare than lighter coloured stones.

    Choosing coping pavers for around your pool is an important part of creating your perfect outdoor living space. You are welcome to bring in your plans and colour swatches, and we will be happy to help you find the paver that best complements your design and lifestyle.

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  • Choosing the right colour for your granite pavers

    When it comes to paving, many people prefer granite. One of the reasons is because of the beautiful palette of colours that granite is available in.

    The colours that Premier Pavers currently has available in granite include shades of black, grey, and golden peach. Many more shades, like whites, greens, reds and pinks, can be ordered in. Granite pavers in black and grey are the most popular, but there is a great demand for other colours too. With so many colours available, how do you choose between them?

    • Choosing the granite colour samples

    The very first step in choosing the colour of your granite pavers involves coming in and looking at the display of colours that are available or that can be ordered.

    Consider whether you would like your pavers to blend in with the colour scheme you have already designed, or whether you would like your pavers to contrast with the colours in your home and garden.

    Talk with us about your design, bring in your photos and plans, and we will be happy to offer you our suggestions. We will then offer you a few samples to take home so you can see how they look alongside the other features of the area you will be paving.

    • Checking the colour with a full size paver

    After finalising the colour of your choice, pop back in and borrow a full size paver in the colour you like best. Take it home, and check that both the colour and size of the paver are what you had in mind.

    Granite pavers come in many different colours and by choosing the colour carefully, you can give your project a wonderful look that will last for years to come! Come in and select some samples today!

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  • Granite pavers: Beauty and quality

    Dependable Natural Building Materials

    Natural building materials are strong. Given the length of time it takes for Mother Nature to form these materials, durability and dependability are synonymous with them. Granite is a building material which takes years to form. Granite in Melbourne, Sydney and other cities worldwide is a popular choice for pavers. Read on to find out if granite is the best paver for you.

    Granite’s paving quality

    Granite is hard, which makes it more durable than many other stones. It can resist the long-term effects of weathering, and also has the ability to cope with cold environments. Due to these exceptional qualities, granite pavers offer a number of benefits. Have a look at some of the wonderful features of granite :

    Beauty: Granite is an extremely beautiful stone. Using granite pavers gives an attractive look to otherwise plain driveways or patios. Granite’s natural beauty blends in with the surroundings and enhances the entire look of the property where it is installed.

    Endurance: There can absolutely be no question over the durability of granite. It is a very hard surface which resists scratches, dents, and is perfect for high-traffic areas.

    Easy maintenance: Maintaining granite is simple, easy and convenient. To keep its beauty intact, you just need to clean and re-seal regularly.

    Resistance to heat: There is no harm in installing the granite pavers around furnaces or barbecues as the stone is heat-resistant.

    If you are looking for pavers, add to the beauty of your home with granite!

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  • Why Choose Granite?

    In a word, beauty. Each quarry has a unique palette of colours, making your selection distinctive.

    Granite has been used since ancient times as it is a very durable building material. On Mohs scale of hardness where 1 is talc and 10 is diamond, granite is rated 8/10. Granite is a lasting investment. Rather than being formed in the silent depths of bodies of water from bodies of beings, granite is born in the fiery centre of molten mantle deep within the Earth.

    Granite is formed at temperatures around 760°C. From its molten origins, it cools and crystallises and its structure becomes granular. This intense heat creates a very hard and durable stone. As a result this stone is able to withstand heat from hot cookware or liquid better than its water-born cousins from the marble family.

    The Inca walls of Cusco are enormous granite blocks that fit together so precisely that there was no need for mortar to hold them together. These walls have withstood the force of numerous earthquakes that destroyed a great deal of the Spanish architecture that was built on top of them.

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  • Granite Pavers Maintenance Tips

    Granite pavers can be cleaned with warm water and mild detergent without putting in much effort; however, the size of the area and the amount of foot traffic has to be taken into consideration as well.

    If you want to clean a small area with not much foot traffic, then warm water with mild detergent can be used for cleaning, but a huge area that withstands heavy foot traffic such as a shopping mall will require the expertise and resources of a cleaning company.

    For large areas, ride on cleaning machine or floor scrubbers can be used. Generally speaking, cleaning of granite pavers in large area should be carried out once every month, but the cleaning frequency should be determined by considering dust accumulation, traffic volume etc.

    Things to remember for granite pavers cleaning:

    • Never use acid unless you are sure how the stone will react to it.
    • Do not allow soiling to sit on the surface for a long time, especially if the area is exposed to sunlight, as the stain will become permanent and/or difficult to remove.
    • Be very careful with the grout or joint material while cleaning.
    • Refrain from using abrasive products as scratching can spoil the surface.

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  • Why Granite has an Edge over Other Materials

    There is a lot more that gives granite an edge over other materials, so let’s get to know more about this wonderful material:

    Advantages of Granite:

    Wide array of colours and patterns- Granite offers a wide array of colours and patterns, which gives you ample of options. You can choose from the wide range of colours and patterns according to the design and colours of your house.


    Granite’s durability is legendary. It can last for a lifetime. It is resistant to moisture and water which many other materials are not. It can also withstand heat and heavy weights. Besides, it is also scratch and stain resistant.

    Easy Maintenance:

    It is easy to maintain granite floors. You can use neutral dishwashing liquid and a sponge to clean granite floors. All you need to keep in mind is to not use harsh chemicals or products for cleaning. If you are reluctant about doing it yourself, do not worry as you can contact a professional who can do it for you.

    Bacteria Resistant:

    You couldn’t ask for more. This material is also preferred over others as it is resistant to bacteria.

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