• Marble’s classic appeal

    Growing demand for marble in Melbourne

    There are several reasons that have convinced people to choose marble flooring in their homes and offices. Some of the reasons behind the growing demand for marble in Melbourne are:

    Durability : Known to last for a long period of time, marble is durable.

    Variety : Marble is available in a wide range of colours. This enables you find the right shade of marble to complement the colour scheme you have in mind.

    Easy cleaning : Cleaning marble floors is not difficult. You can easily clean it using a soft mop and water. But keep in mind that marble flooring may stain easily and it does react severely to acids. If it comes in contact with anything staining or acidic, including red wine, vinegar, or orange, lime, lemon or grape juice – clean it immediately.

    Perfect for all rooms : You can easily use marble for your kitchen, bedroom, dining hall, bathroom and other rooms. There are anti- slip varieties of marble flooring available.

    Interior decorators are widely recommending the use of marble in Melbourne for all types of flooring options. Give your home and office a timeless elegance by using the best of marble flooring!

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  • More About Marble

    Marble’s quintessential beauty symbolises success and immortality.

    Marble is formed via sedimentation. Silt, plant matter, shells and skeletons of animals solidify over time into stone. Marble is actually formed from limestone which has been exposed to heat and intense pressure. Marble is highly resistant to abrasion, and is perfect for floors. Marble can also be used as tabletops and benchtops. Marble is a porous stone, so it should be sealed properly.

    Never use acidic cleaners to clean marble, as acids cause marble to fizz and dissolve. Lemon juice, vinegar, nail polish remover, and orange juice can damage marble. Warm water and a soft cloth is usually all that is required to clean marble.

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  • How to Clean Marble Floors

    Its hard appearance might make you think that it is not prone to harsh treatment and stains which is a myth. Here are some tips for cleaning marble:

    1. Always remember that marble is a porous material which makes it more susceptible to stains. Marble should be cleaned as soon as you see the stain otherwise it will become difficult to remove it later. Generally, you can use baking soda and water to remove the stains. Mix baking soda with water to make a think paste, apply it on the stained area and cover it with a plastic sheet for some time. Allow it to be there for 15-20 minutes and then rinse off. Make sure that it is dried properly.
    2. Oil stains can be quite stubborn and might take extra efforts. You must use cornstarch for removing oil stains. Apply cornstarch for one day (24 hrs) so that excess oil can be removed. Now use warm water and dish washing detergent. You can also use bleach, if the stain persists. Rinse it off and repeat the process if required.
    3. Acid based cleaning agents or products should never be used on marble. If you are unsure about how the floor will react to the cleaning agent, go for a small patch test first.