• Porcelain Paving For The Pragmatic

    Porcelain is one of the most diverse materials available to man. It can be crafted to many items all the way from frying pans to tiny figurines. It was only about time that builders and interior designers saw the immense potential for this material to be used in paving indoor and outdoor areas.

    The process of making Porcelain requires extreme care and meticulous techniques. This stone is crafted by baking a mixture of sand, clay and a few other minerals, in a severely heated kiln. The result is a marvellous stone that is durable and non-porous. Furthermore, the clean look of Porcelain offers a post-modern appearance to your indoor and outdoor areas, complimented by a mesmerising collection of colours and patterns.

    The Porcelain stone offers a plethora of advantages such as incredible breaking strength, low maintenance, a smooth texture and much more, making this stone a very sought after product in Australia and in beautiful homes all over the world. Unlike some of the other materials, Porcelain requires very little maintenance that is considered negligible in the grand scheme of home maintenance. At least one thing that can take care of itself can’t be too bad. The smooth texture of porcelain allows it to be rid of dirt or algae sticking on to it. However, it should also be noted that we offer an anti-slip surface on our Porcelain pavers, leaving no space for injuries in the case of rains or around pool areas.

    Porcelain pavers are truly multi-purpose and can be used in:

    • Driveways
    • Parking lots
    • Patios
    • Balconies
    • Pool areas

    Furthermore, Porcelain paving can replace any type of paving while preserving its natural shine and shimmer. This type of paving is available in several styles that carry the persona of natural stones such as:

    • Basalt stone
    • Blue stone
    • Limestone
    • Slatestone and much more

    Why Choose Premier Pavers?

    • Premier pavers offers quality products that are sourced from reliable partners and crafted in Australia by an highly experienced workforce.
    • We cater to all the suburbs from Richmond to Mornington Peninsula, offering seamless service before and after completion of the project
    • Premier Pavers has a large warehousing capacity and maintains a wide variety of paving materials, available in all sizes and colours
    • Extensive experience in the paving industry that extends through friendly and flawless customer service. We are always motivated to do better
    • Proud partners of Landscaping Victoria. Multiple affiliations with highly talented landscapers and designers across Victoria

    Look no further if you feel that Porcelain is the stone for you. We would love to sit down and have a quick chat with you to discuss the endless possibilities.

    Contact us at Premier Pavers to arrange a demonstration of the water-sensitive solutions our Porcelain Pavers offer.

  • Paving Your Way Towards Smarter Decisions

    Considering paving for your home or commercial property can prove to be a daunting task. Unlike installing a new piece of furniture or purchasing new equipment, paving is a long term consideration that will impact several factors such as aesthetics, ease of access, functionality and even brand image to name just a few.

    In case of commercial properties, the scale of each aspect is magnified to greater proportions. Therefore, business owners and planning authorities need to consider long term benefits and maintenance considerations that will accommodate both property evaluations and environmental considerations. Whereas when it comes to home paving, the spectrum of aspects that paving can affect are seen to be fewer but crucial for home owners, one of the strongest aspects being the re-sale value of homes.

    Here we list a few tips that can shape the process of smart paving:

    • Defining the cause
      Before commencing to look for any paving companies or materials, the primary step is to gauge the actual requirement by analysing the cause of why paving is necessary, and also the outcomes that are expected from it. This understanding is critical to define a budget and make the whole process from selection to review run efficiently.
    • Choosing the paving material This is probably one of the more exciting parts of a paving plan. Decisions regarding this aspect of planning revolve around several aspects such as the look and feel of the property, permeability, future re-sale value and much more. It is always recommended to hire a professional paving company to assist you with the planning phase. However, some prior research goes a long way in adding your inputs to the whole process.
    • Choosing the right people Choosing the right people for the job is very important. This decision can be made on the basis of the company’s track record. A company with satisfied customers is the right way to go, as often there are several suppliers who make claims of great quality and craftsmanship but end up delivering only half of it.
    • Fixing a budget An ideal budget is one where you get what you want at a price that doesn’t set you back too much. However, it is important to consider that in case of paving, the benefits are long term and not very obvious at first. Investing in the right company with the right resources goes a long way in ensuring that you don’t end up spending too much for maintenance in the years to come.

    Paving is a process that requires careful planning and considerations. We sincerely hope this article can add a dimension of pragmatic thought into your planning process.

    For more information, visit our website www.premierpavers.com.au or call us directly on 03 9248 2400. Premier Pavers is happy to offer free product samples to help you ensure that there will be no compromise on quality.

  • Environmentally-sensitive Paving Options

    The arrival of permeable pavers has been a breakthrough in water-sensitive strategies. At Premier Pavers, we enjoy showing this very workable option to customers. We can demonstrate how rapidly water is removed from the surface so customers can see for themselves how effective they are.

    More recently, we have included an exciting new range of pavers made from porcelain which offer further improvements. Produced by a leading manufacturer of glazed porcelain tiles with more than 39 years’ experience, our porcelain pavers are an eco-friendly solution that can solve multiple problems for homes, outdoor spaces, walkways, parking areas and roads.

    They can be installed easily in your front yard and provide a suitable solutions for community parks and gardens, around swimming pools, in sports centres and public spaces such as railway stations and shopping centres.

    Porcelain pavers allow water to drain away fast and provide an attractive, solid surface that is also:

    • Easy to clean
    • Virtually maintenance free
    • Does not require sealant
    • Available in a wider range of colours
    • Resistant to fading
    • Perfect around pools
    • Slip resistance to Australian safety standards
    • 150% stronger than other pavers

    Greater Versatility

    The design of these pavers means they can be installed over concrete slabs, grass, gravel and even as a raised floor using pedestals. This makes them a very versatile option for the home renovator, design professional, landscape gardener, municipal councils or anyone who wants to create safer, more eco-sensitive paving solutions.

    Contact us at Premier Paver s to arrange a demonstration of the water-sensitive solutions our Porcelain Pavers offer.

  • Introducing our newest porcelain paver samples

    When we order porcelain paver samples for customers, they are shipped across very carefully.

    They are packaged in safe crates and tracked at every stage.

    Lots of foam is used when packing porcelain paver samples into a safe crate

    As you can see, lots of foam is used to protect the porcelain paver samples in the safe crate.

    A porcelain paver safe crate

    All this to ensure that the samples survive the journey intact.

    A close look at the lock on a porcelain pavers samples safe crate

    And how did they look when they came out of the crates?


    Visit our showroom in Cheltenham, Victoria, to see them in person!

    Here are some close ups of the newest samples in our porcelain paver range.

    This porcelain paver has a grey cement look.

    This porcelain paver has a grey cement look.

    This porcelain paver has an off-white cement look.

    This porcelain paver has an off-white cement look.

    This porcelain paver has a slate stone look.

    This porcelain paver has a slate stone look.

    This porcelain paver has a quartzite look.

    This porcelain paver has a quartzite look.

    This porcelain paver has a basalt stone look.

    This porcelain paver has a basalt stone look.

    Porcelain pavers are perfect for any project!
    They never need to be sealed.
    They don’t fade.
    They are antislip.
    They are easy to maintain.

    Use them for driveways, alfrescos, for around pools, for patios, pathways and under your pergola!
    The possibilities are endless!

    Contact us to find out more about our range of porcelain pavers and how they can help solve your paving dilemmas!