Natural Stone: What Does It Cost?

Paving is an investment that will bring you enjoyment for years to come! There are many different choices you can make when deciding on your paving.

Here are some of the most common questions that we’re asked, and our answers.

 30mm paver or 20mm paver ?

Natural stone pavers come in many different thicknesses. Typically, a 20mm paver is used when laying pavers on a concrete base. However, there are times when a 30mm paver might be preferred. Some landscapers prefer 30mm around pools, and on driveways. The reason for this is due to the extra wear and tear created by salt/chlorinated water from pools, and the heavy traffic of vehicles on driveways.

Costwise, a 30mm paver will generally be approximately 1.5 times more expensive than a 20mm paver, as it is 1.5 times thicker.

It is difficult to generalise the costs of poured concrete bases and crushed rock bases. This is because the costs are dependant on many factors, including access to the site, the size of the job and the amount of preparation needed.

Poured concrete base or crushed rock base?


However, as a ballpark estimate, for a site with easy access, of about 50 by 2 metres, with little preparation required, will incur costs along the lines of:

Poured concrete baseCrushed rock base
$4,000 $1,800

As you can see, crushed rock bases are cheaper than concrete bases. In this case, the savings runs at approximately $1,000. That being said, it is important to remember that crushed rock bases do move, which means that your pavers are more prone to shifting, cracking and breaking. In comparison, concrete bases will last longer, and as there is much less movement in a concrete base—meaning that your pavers will be less likely to crack and/or break over time.

‘What is the cost difference between buying concrete pavers and natural stone pavers?’

Many people assume that concrete pavers are significantly cheaper than natural stone. This is not always the case! Often, the prices of concrete pavers and natural stone are very similar.

The greatest saving with concrete pavers is that generally they can be laid on a crushed rock base, whereas natural stone generally needs to be laid on a poured concrete base.

Should I lay dropfaces or bullnose?’

There are two major differences between dropfaces and bullnose copers. These are design and price.

Design : Dropfaces are usually available in a L-style, square edge, design. Whereas bullnose have a rounded edge. (Note: in our travertine range we also stock rounded edge dropface copers.)
If your design is modern, you might prefer the L-style square edge design. However, if your design is more classical or traditional, you might prefer the rounded edge look.

Price : Pricewise, you are paying for two very different products. A bullnose coper is a 30mm piece of natural stone, with one edge rounded and smoothed. A dropface coper is a much thicker 50mm piece of natural stone, which has had the underneath section is ground away, leaving the dropface edge.

‘How does Onyx compare to Marble?’

Onyx and marble are two very different stones. Marble has been used for centuries as flooring and for benchtops. Onyx tends to be used for more decorative purposes rather than functional purposes. Onyx is a translucent stone that can be backlit to highlight to feature its unique beauty.

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