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Getting the most out of your backyard patio or your new driveway means choosing the best materials for the design of your dreams. With so many businesses to choose from in nearby Melbourne CBD, there’s only one name that stands out.

Premier Pavers and Stone delivers the same high-quality natural stone products that it has for many years now. Our standards rank high in the stone paving industry in the City of Kingston, so that we pass along only the finest quality to our customers at prices they can afford.

Browse through our product range and find the option that works best for your decorative vision.

Bluestone Pavers

bluestone pavers melbourneImported Bluestone pavers are affordable in price and versatile in design. Learn more about our quality Bluestone Pavers.

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Concrete Pavers

concrete pavers melbourneNothing adds style to your driveway or patio like a concrete paver. Take a look at our handcrafted, budget-friendly designs.

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Copers | Bullnose Pavers

bullnose pavers melbourne

Premier Pavers and Stone offers all-natural, long-lasting copers for both pool builders and clients. Get a free quote today.

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granite pavers melbournePremier Pavers and Stone have elegant dropfaces in both L-style square edge finish and rounded edge finish.

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Granite Pavers

granite pavers melbournePremier Pavers and Stone has a line of quality granite pavers with high durability and flair at low prices.

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Limestone Pavers

limestone pavers melbourneWe’re proud to be premium limestone suppliers for residents of Cheltenham and the rest of Melbourne. Get high-quality stone at low prices.

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marble pavers melbourneClassic, tasteful, durable and affordable. Nothing beats our marble stone tiles and pavers, available in different colours to suit every need.

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Italian Porcelain Tiles

onyx pavers melbourneItalian porcelain tiles are suitable for people who would like the look of natural stone requiring minimal attention. The glazed porcelain tiles are impervious to water and stain.
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Porcelain Pavers

onyx pavers melbournePeople love porcelain pavers because they don’t need to be sealed and they are stain resistant! Durable for driveways, beautiful for balconies, and perfect for around pools.

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onyx pavers melbournePebbles stylishly surrounding your pavers are a design delight. If pavers are the soul of your hardscaping, pebbles are its playful spirit.

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Permeable Pavers

permeable paversPermeable pavers are the eco-friendly way to pave! These pavers act like a sponge, absorbing rainwater and, once full, allowing water to seep through into the Earth below.

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Reconstituted Granite Pavers

reconstituted granite pavers melbourneFind quality pavers at a price you can afford. Try our reconstituted granite pavers, available in 4 different colours.

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Sandstone Pavers

sandstone pavers melbourneSandstone pavers bring a sense of rugged natural beauty to any patio or alfresco area. Get a free quote from Premier Pavers and Stones today.

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Specialty Items

speciality pavers melbourneGet the perfect finish for your property – Premier Pavers and Stone has an extensive selection of high-quality pavers and stone for any DIY homeowner.

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cheap pavers melbourneAre you redecorating on a budget? Premier Pavers and Stone has regular specials and savings on our selection of high-quality stone products.

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Steps and stair treads

travertine pavers melbourneThe curved and smooth edge of bullnose pavers creates an elegant and safe finish for your steps and stair treads. Create a feature by either matching or contrasting the stone of your steps with the surrounding paving.

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Travertine Pavers

travertine pavers melbourneDid you know that travertine works for both indoors and outdoors? We have it in stock at low prices at Premier Pavers and Stone.

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Wall cladding

speciality pavers melbourneDesign a feature wall using natural stone that will rival the beauty of a piece of art! Our most popular wall claddings are marble, quartzitic slate, travertine and pebbles.

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