Buy Garden Pebbles in Melbourne

Decorative pebbles are a fantastic addition to your garden. Our river pebbles are naturally formed and then hand-sorted. They are all organic which makes them suitable for your fish tank. When you’re decorating a garden with pebbles, we ensure you can select from a mixture of shapes, sizes and colours to achieve the best look.

We source our stones from softly flowing streams and rivers. You’ll be amazed at the difference our decorative pebbles can make to your backyard, garden or indoor sanctuary. Shop today and enjoy great value across our range.

How to Use Garden Pebbles for Landscaping

The possibilities for decorative pebbles for gardens are endless. The team at Premier Pavers & Stone can answer questions and offer helpful advice on how to use decorative pebbles.

  • Scatter around paver stepping-stones: Scattering our garden pebbles around paving stones will give you a smooth and natural finish. Use a similar colour to blend the river pebbles and the pavers, or make the pavers really stand out by choosing a contrasting colour.
  • Create a dry riverbed: Dry riverbeds are a fantastic way to use the dead space that runs along the side of your house. Because our landscaping pebbles have been smoothed out by nature, they’re also far more comfortable to walk on than crushed up quarry rocks.
  • Backyard pond: Our decorative pebbles make for the perfect base and surrounding for a backyard pond. There’s nothing quite as soothing as a little pond with a trickle of water – our beautiful stones will only add to that tranquillity.
  • Pebble garden: Match some Yuccas, succulents or other dry-bed varieties with our beautiful pebbles for a garden bed that resembles nature itself. No need to mulch and you don’t need much water to create a beautiful backyard garden.
  • Japanese garden: White garden pebbles for gardens are used extensively in Zen gardening because they aren’t disturbed by rain and wind. The act of raking your garden can be therapeutic.
  • Plant pots: Whether they’re indoor or outdoor, pebbles make a fantastic natural addition to your pots. They can also help to retain moisture in the soil and they stop inquisitive pets from disturbing the surface.
  • Mosaic: You can create any mosaic design you like by creating lines and swirls out of similar coloured and shaped garden pebbles.
  • Terrariums: Terrariums are becoming a feature in every house and there’s no better addition to your terrarium than our pebbles. They look completely natural and will add visual interest to your window into the plant world.

Garden Pebbles for Sale in Melbourne

Our current range of pebbles is available in 10kg or 20kg bags or in bulk. We have no set limits when it comes to purchasing. Whether you need to buy a bagful, or a truck full, we can source whatever you need at a reasonable price. With an almost endless amount of uses, Premier Pavers & Stone stocks the garden pebbles Melbourne residents will love.

Pebble Special price

Premier Pavers & Stone™ is offering a special price across our organic pebble range.

  • $1.5 / kg

If your order is over 1000 kg or 1 ton, the price is $1 / kg.

Call us NOW to check the colours and sizes availability.

Pebble Sizes

We stock small or large garden pebbles in Melbourne. Our small pebbles are 10mm-30mm in diameter, and our large pebbles are 40mm-60mm and 50-70mm in diameter. To cover one square meter of space with one layer of pebbles, you need approximately 3 x10 kg bags of the small pebbles or 4 x 10kg bags of the large pebbles.

NOTE: If the enquired size is not in stock, it can be specially ordered. CALL US NOW for further enquiries  (03) 9248 2400

Pebble Colours

When it comes to choosing the perfect colour, we currently have:

  • Black pebbles
  • White pebbles
  • Tan pebbles
  • Speckle pebbles
  • Lava Black pebbles
  • Bali Grey pebbles
  • Green pebbles
  • Golden pebbles

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The team at Premier Pavers & Stone can help you create the perfect outdoor space with our decorative garden pebbles that are available in Melbourne. Get in touch today for a no-obligation quote or make an enquiry online! We also have hydro pavers and granite pavers for sale.

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