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Buy Travertine Pavers in Melbourne at an Affordable Price

If you’re looking to make a good first impression on your guests, why not go with paving that brings an air of elegance to your indoor or outdoor entertainment area? Classic travertine pavers are the ultimate finish for outdoor gardens and patio areas. Shop today and you’ll be more than impressed.

Premier Pavers and Stone provides the premium quality travertine pavers. No two pieces of this stone are identical, making them stand out in both modern and traditional home designs. Our travertine pavers are imported from the finest travertine quarries in Turkey.

Travertine pavers are a slip-resistant option for Melbourne homes. They are resistant to heat and frost, staying comfortable under your feet all year round.

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Travertine Pavers for Melbourne Homes

Premier Pavers & Stone offers a variety of styles in our travertine range to complement any design. Our tumbled unfilled travertine offers a textured finish which suites contemporary and traditional homes. In addition, contemporary homes look fantastic with a filled and straight edge honed travertine pavers – their honed lines and smooth surfaces blend perfectly with modern designs.

The Beauty of Vein Cut Travertine

Our vein cut classic travertine pavers are a designer’s dream! These pavers have been cut through the grain, creating a linear pattern. It is a stunning stone with strikingly rich tones. Each piece is unique, featuring the signature vein cut stripes. The stone is filled and honed and can be used for flooring or wall. Surfaces have polished vein cut travertine which looks stunning on your wall.

Vein Cut Travertine is available in two colours. Classic light travertine is a swirl of creams and caramels with hints of beige, ivory and honey. Silver travertine pavers are a swirl of greys, silver, fawn and white.

Your Options in Design and Laying Patterns

To match the décor of your home, we offer:

  • Tumbled travertine & unfilled travertine
  • Filled travertine or honed travertine
  • French pattern travertine

Additionally, we offer bullnose and drop face coping for our classic travertine pavers. These edges are perfect for steps and safe poolside designs.

How Does Travertine Vary?

There is a lot of variance in the appearance of travertine. In fact, any two pieces of travertine are rarely identical. Colours vary distinctively from paver to paver. That being said, all our travertine is cut from one supplier making the general tone of the colours should be similar and blend beautifully together.

The number of holes in each piece of travertine will also vary from paver to paver. Travertine is cut from a large block of stone, rather like cutting a block of Swiss cheese into slices.

The variance in travertine is part of its charm and, with a talented installer, it will determine the flow of colour shades through your floor space. Before laying the pavers, your installer will look at the colours and features of your individual pavers and create a design with those colours that no one else can duplicate.

Choosing Travertine Pavers - Sizes and Colours

Size Options

We offer travertine pavers in various sizes. Melbourne homeowners and designers can choose classic pavers in:

  • 406x406x20 mm
  • 610x406x30 mm
  • 610x610x20 mm
  • 610x610x30 mm
  • 610x305x12 mm
  • 610x406x12 mm
  • 610x406x15 mm
  • 610x610x15 mm

We also have travertine in bullnose, L-shape drop face and bullnose drop face for pool surround and steps.

NOTE: If the enquired size is not in stock, it can be specially ordered. CALL US NOW for further enquiries  (03) 9248 2400

Colour Options

Add a touch of class to your home with our beautiful travertine pavers in rich and warm tones, including:

  • Classic light travertine, featuring creams and beiges
  • Silver travertine, featuring silvers and greys
  • Noce travertine, featuring browns and fawns

Please talk to us to check for stock availability.


Application & Maintenance

Stone paver specification
Recommended Application

Due to its heat resistance, travertine is especially suitable for pool surroundings.

Other suitable application areas:

  • Patio
  • Alfresco
  • Court-yard
  • Interior flooring
  • Interior wall
How to Clean and Maintain Travertine Pavers
  • Seal the pavers to prevent them from stains – Make sure the surface is clean before sealing (please seek professional advice)
  • General cleaning can be done with dust mop or vacuum without a beater bar
  • A stone cleaner can be used in accordance with the instructions and rinse the area without over-wetting it.
  • Travertine is acid sensitive so try to avoid acid cleaner
  • For oil stains, you can apply soft household cleaner such as detergent, ammonia with a damp cloth
  • Organic stains such as coffee, juice or food, use the mixture of 12% hydrogen peroxide and few drops of ammonia, apply with a damp cloth.

We Sell Travertine Pavers in Melbourne

By getting in touch, you can learn more about your options and find the right paver for your home or business. Contact our team for travertine pavers in Melbourne and enjoy a free, no-obligation quote, or make an enquiry online about our travertine paver range. Our paving suppliers can also help with outdoor porcelain pavers and permeable pavers. Contact us today.

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