For a house to become a home, it needs a truly unique touch, something that sets it apart from everyone else’s home and makes it yours. Premier Paver’s stone wall cladding can give you this point of difference.

At Premier Pavers we always say that no two stones are ever the same and with all the natural variation of our quality stones, your natural stone wall cladding will look incredible and be utterly unique. Our interior and exterior wall claddings can be made out of andesite, marble, sandstone, quarzitic slate, quartz, onyx or a variety of pebbles. Each piece is hand selected and colour and size matched to ensure a consistency throughout the cladding.

Why choose Wall Cladding?

We can create wall cladding to your exact specifications, using the exact stones you want. We can even create cladding using a mixture of stones. It doesn’t matter how big or small your cladding needs to be, we can create it.

So, create the home you want with our wall cladding and turn a room into a spectacle, a bathroom floor into a masseuse, a driveway into a feature and your pool into something that is so much more than a place to cool off in summer.

Applications for Our Wall Cladding

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Kitchens: Our stone wall claddings make for the perfect splash back, especially for those wishing to bring a natural element into their kitchen. The variety of stones we stock means that you can create the look that you want for your kitchen. Whether it’s brick-like slate or a random assortment of marble tiles, you’ll be amazed at what our wall cladding can do for your kitchen.

Bathrooms: Whether it’s for the floor, the bottom of the bath or shower, or a feature wall behind your vanity, our natural stone cladding will bring something unexpected to your bathroom. There’s nothing like having smooth pebbles massaging your feet while you enjoy a long shower or the elegance of a travertine splash back to top off your bathroom design.

Driveways: Our cladding isn’t just for walls and floors—we can even construct something for your driveway. Everyone is going with exposed aggregate these days, so why not do something different and go for a granite or bluestone driveway. It will give your home an entry point to remember and we’ll design it so it can stand up under the weight of your car.

Swimming Pools: Whether you go with smooth, bird egg pebbling, naturalistic slate, non-slip travertine or effortlessly elegant marble our cladding is perfect for a feature wall adjacent to your pool. Your pool is the centrepiece of your backyard, it will provide you with enjoyment all summer long, so you need to deck it out with finest materials and that means decking it out with Premier Pavers cladding. Don’t go with that non-slip plastic; go for the natural and the inimitable.

Feature Walls: When people think of feature walls, they think of paint finishes. At Premier Paver’s, when we think of feature walls, we think of marble, smooth pebbles, granite, bluestone, quartz and slate. We think of irregular, slate tiles framing a glowing red fire, we think of an onyx feature wall providing the backdrop to countless meals and we think of silver travertine being the perfect surrounds for the poolroom or the home theatre. It’s all about creating a visual element in a room and we can mix the visual and the textural with our interior wall cladding feature walls.

Colours & Textures

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