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Granite Pavers in Melbourne

If you’re in the market for a building or decorative material that’s
harder than any other stone, granite has been the ideal choice since the
days of Ancient Egypt. Its smooth natural beauty goes well with its extreme
durability, which makes granite pavers both slip and weather-resistant
in even the worst cold seasons.

Premier Pavers and Stone carries a fine range of “flamed” finish
granite that has a surface which is textured and anti-slip. Our granite
pavers are well-suited for use in:

  • Pool coping
  • Driveway paving
  • Outdoor cladding
  • Feature walls
  • And so much more

How Granite Pavers Work for Melbourne Residents

Granite paving is useful because of its visual appeal and its durable nature.
Polished Granite is ideal for fireplace hearths and benchtops. For benchtops
and hearths, black granite can be ordered in custom sizes and polished
to a brilliant shine.

Furthermore, our granite pavers are designed to resist most abrasion and
bear significant amounts of weight and pressure. Whether you have a crowd
of people in your newly tiled patio or a driveway taking hits from heavy
rainfall, our granite will last a long time with little to no signs of damage.

Choosing the Right Size and Style of Granite Paving

There is a minimal amount of variance in the appearance of granite. All
our granite is cut from the same mine so the colours should be very similar.
Granite is a stone that has ‘flecks’ through it. This speckled
look is a feature of granite.

Some of our granites, particularly our mid-grey granite, have quartz naturally
occurring in the stone. This will sparkle in the sunshine. The amount
of quartz may vary from paver to paver.

We offer granite pavers in either a bullnose finish (30 mm thick) or drop
face finish (20 mm thick with a 50 mm dropface edge).

granite pavers melbourne

You can custom-order the size of your new pavers or choose from our standard
options listed below:

granite bullnose pavers melbourne
granite dropface pavers melbourne

Talk to a member of our showroom staff today, either by phone or in person.
They’ll get you the help you need to decide which type of granite
paver will look and work the best in your home or your workplace.

Experience the Premier Difference

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no obligation quote and paving design consultation, please
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Black Granite

Black Granite Bullnose

Black Granite Dropface

Mid Grey Granite

Mid Grey Granite Dropface

Mid Grey Granite Bullnose

Golden Peach Granite

Golden Peach Granite – Flamed

Golden Peach Granite Dropface – Sandblasted

Light Grey Granite

Shrimp Granite

Shrimp Granite

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