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Here we show some of our clients completed projects.

Send us images of your completed landscapes NOW so we can spread your ideas to future customers.

Bluestone project gallery

With anti-slip surface and incredible strength, our bluestone pavers can be used for :

  • Outdoor paving
  • Pool surrounding and coping
  • Driveway
  • Wall cladding

Travertine project gallery

Travertine paving creates a classic and luxurious look for both indoor and outdoor area.

Especially, due to its heat reflection capability, travertine is the ideal choice for pool surrounding and outdoor paving where your kids normally walk on with bare feet.

That does not limit the application of travertine for the area such as:

  • Outdoor paving
  • Pool surrounding
  • Indoor flooring (12mm thick)
  • Wall cladding

Granite project gallery

Granite is widely known as the most durable natural stone and its heat resistant ability. Hence, granite is suitable for areas like BBQ bench,  fireplace. Ideal applications include:

  • Outdoor paving
  • Pool surround and coping
  • Driveway
  •  Wall cladding

Permeable paving Premier Hydropavers®

Premier Hydropavers® are the best permeable paving system which overcomes conventional weaknesses of other paving systems such as clogging, annual sealing, high cost of maintenance.

With a 55mm thickness, Premier Hydropavers® are scientifically tested to be stronger than 80 mm thick concrete pavers.

Italian Porcelain project gallery

Our Italian porcelain is the most luxurious pavers in our range. The pavers are directly imported from Italy and we are proud to be the exclusive distributor of the range in Australia.

The Italian porcelain is also suitable for indoor walling and flooring.

Ideal applications:

  • Outdoor paving
  • Driveway
  • Pool surround and coping
  • Indoor wall and flooring

Porcelain project gallery

With similar characteristics to our Italian range, the porcelain is a more affordable option for customers who want natural looking pavers with incredible strength and safety.

In addition, our normal porcelain is glazed giving a semi-gloss finish, making it suitable for the modern landscape.

Organic Pebbles

Unlike industrial pebbles where they are painted, Premier Pavers & Stone only supply organic pebbles. It means our pebbles are completely safe for natural decoration: your fish tank for instance.

Available in different colours, our garden pebbles will suit all your needs.

  • Black pebbles
  • White pebbles
  • Tan pebbles
  • Speckle pebbles
  • Lava Black pebbles
  • Bali Grey pebbles
  • Green pebbles
  • Golden pebbles
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